Customer satisfaction is our main priority. That's why we want to create a small list of things that you can do to help prevent false alarms and common problems. You can always contact us if these quick fix solutions don't resolve your problem. Thank you! 


Office Number: 859-384-4818

  1. Motion Detectors: These devices are very sensitive when your security system is armed. IF your alarm is going off due to a motion detector, make sure you check the surrounding area. Things that we notice the most are Christmas trees, objects hanging from the ceiling, or any sort of decoration that could move when your home HVAC system turns on.

  2. Communication Fail(Comm Fail): This is due to an issue with the system not being able to relay information to the monitoring company, typically something like this would appear if you've had a recent change in home phone service or after a heavy storm. If you are going to have a change in your home phone provider please contact us in advance so that we can come and make the appropriate changes to ensure your system is functioning properly. A quick way to try to clear this issue on most systems is to enter your (master code + off) twice. If the prompt does not disappear please give us a call. 

  3. Low Battery(Low Batt): This is not a common prompt on your keypad, but when it comes up it will require us to come diagnose it. Typically this prompt correlates with the panel battery being low and requires changing as these batteries do go bad about 4-5 years after installation. IF you have wireless devices in your home on your system, these devices do require a battery change/service about every 4-5 years. If one battery starts to go, it is advised that we go ahead and change them all while we are on site, to avoid another service call in the near future.

  4. Tamper(Check or Trouble):This is system dependent. For our Vista-20p owners, you will see a "Check" on your keypad. This is typically due to a cover on a device that is not secure, ensure that your covers on your devices are secured. Ensure that the cover on your device(s) are secured. Wait a few seconds and enter your 4 digit pass-code and then simply press off or (1) on your number pad. You will repeat this twice (2x). a As for our other users, your more than likely to see a "Trouble" on your keypad. You will go through the same steps above to try to remedy this problem. Napco owners, you will simply hit the reset button on your keypad. You should not have to repeat this more than one time. If your "Trouble" does not clear from the keypad, please give us a call.